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GamesRadar is a high-traffic video game website featuring news, reviews, guides, and more.


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GamesRadar approached us to modernize the back-end of their site, giving them a robust platform that would allow them to iterate and release new features confidently and quickly. We rebuilt their aging Java codebase in Django with a focus on high-performance. Legacy data was extracted from multiple different systems and thousands of images were pulled out of proprietary filer solution, thumbnailed, and pushed to the cloud.

We cut GamesRadar's operating costs by thousands of dollars per month, by replacing their commercial enterprise CMS with open source software. The new site has withstood millions of pageviews per day and peak traffic of tens of thousands of visitors per minute.

More recently, we planned and implemented a zero-downtime migration of their complete server farm to higher performance managed servers in the Rackspace Cloud.

Major challenges on this project included:

  • Scaling the infrastructure for massive traffic. The highly dynamic nature of their pages required some creative solutions.
  • Extracting files from a proprietary system with no documentation, verifying them, and pushing them to a CDN.
  • Conforming to publisher embargoes by blocking content for certain locales.

Lincoln Loop did a phenomenal job migrating GamesRadar from an expensive enterprise CMS decoupled from our Java site to a fully integrated Django site running entirely in the Rackspace Cloud helping us reduce costs by thousands of dollars monthly. [...] The team worked from systems through the front end to ensure the site performed to handle millions of monthly visitors.

Michael Marano Director Internet Technology Future US
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