Lincoln Loop is a full-service software development agency specializing in Python and Django development for web and mobile systems.

Since 2007 our emphasis on quality in an agile environment has helped numerous startups and high-traffic sites grow their businesses. In addition to rock-solid Python powered backends, we provide user experience, deployment, and real-time application development with JavaScript. We are active contributors to the open source ecosystem and sponsor members of the Python Software Foundation and the Django Software Foundation.

Giving Back

Contributing to the sustainability of the world around us and benefiting our communities are core values of our team. Because pull requests don't solve everything, each month we donate a portion of our profits to charity.

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Our Team

Starting an agency in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, before remote work was the norm was challenging. Rather than asking individuals to relocate, our founder (Pete) sought out like-minded tech pros who had similar priorities for a meaningful work/life balance and expertise in Django.

Removing the constraint of a particular location resulted in a close-knit team across seven countries. Most of us have worked together for over a decade.

We are core contributors to the Django Web Framework, senior user experience designers and developers, authors, and speakers. An open-source mindset is a big part of how we work together. We sharpen each other’s skillsets, encourage sharing exciting discoveries in all areas of expertise, and always look for ways to improve working together.