We bring a people-first approach to web application development

Lincoln Loop was founded in 2007 by Peter Baumgartner, who grew our remote-first, global team to meet demand for the Django web framework.

Our scrappy team grew from a collective of Python freelancers to veteran developers solving big problems for businesses and organizations we admire. We focus on delivering honest, dependable, and pragmatic solutions that achieve goals without the risk of late-night emergencies.

We are proud to have shaped Lincoln Loop to be an excellent workplace, one that cares for its people and environment. We believe in flexible schedules, reasonable workloads, employee empowerment, and egoless leadership.

Man standing in a garden of cursors Man standing in a garden of cursors

Lincoln Loop at a Glance


7 Countries

We are a Senior team from North America, Europe, New Zealand, and South America.

Most team members have worked together for 10+ years

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Open Source from the start

We work with Python, Go, Node.js, Django, and many others.

Remote First Since 2007

Asynchronous Work Style

Our team members work when it’s best for themselves and the team.


Financials are open to the whole team

Everyone can see how money is being spent.

Our Core Values

  1. Transparency

    We extend ethos from open source software to the rest of our operations. Our work is accessible, critique is welcomed, and iteration encouraged.

  2. Autonomy

    We do not need bureaucratic structures to be effective. Team members decide where, when, and how they work to achieve goals. We are each a manager-of-one.

  3. Decision by consensus

    We seek general agreement and acceptable resolutions that can be supported, though perhaps not always favored, by each individual. We move as a team without ego.

  4. Honesty and integrity

    All of our core values are anchored here. We want to build an honest and fair business without the stress. We want to end each day, regardless of the outcome, knowing we were true to ourselves.

  5. Commitment to sustainability

    We stand on the shoulders of giants and underdogs; people working hard to better the world or enabling us to do what we love. We donate, volunteer, and participate regularly in support of others.

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$197,350 Donated since 2011

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