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We lead the way & share as we go

Since our founding in 2007, our team has contributed to the public discourse and well-being of the web development industry.

We share knowledge to foster a healthy, sustainable technology community. We are regular speakers at conferences, avid contributors to open source, and active members of impactful organizations.

Open Source is the heart of what we do

Our code is used in thousands of projects worldwide. Every member of our team contributes.


Generate QR codes for Python.


Django is a high-level Python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.


A powerful, yet easy to implement thumbnailing application for Django 2.2+


A Django application that provides country choices for use with forms, flag icons static files, and a country field for models.


Django Ninja is a web framework for building APIs with Django and Python 3.6+ type hints.

Peter Baumgartner speaking with developers at DjangoCon

Learn. Share. Engage

We share what we learn through books, articles, and conferences around the globe.

Just Enough Ops for Developers

Peter Baumgartner • DjangoCon '22

Peter discusses deployment options and considerations.

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Prepping Your Project for Production

Peter Baumgartner • DjangoCon '19

Peter leads developers through the myriad of options to a production environment that is secure, stable, and easy to maintain.

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Today I Learned

Visit our “micro-blog”, where we often share snippets of helpful code with our peers.

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We build products that help developers scale big things


With AppPack, developers can focus on code instead of infrastructure, CI pipelines, and deployments.

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High Performance Django

High Performance Django

We wrote the book on how to build and deploy fast, scalable Django sites.

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We keep & support good company

We are active members of the open source community through engagement and recurring donations. Our memberships also include industry groups, so that we may share our experience and learn from others.

Redefining how agencies work since 2007

Many of our team members have experience working in restrictive corporate environments, demanding agencies, and stressful startups. To be successful, an agency does not require burning through its most valuable asset—its people.

Here’s how we work

  • We are remote-first and asynchronous. Team members decide when and where they work.
  • We practice open financials. Our books are open to all team members.
  • Everyone sets their own pay, within the norms of the company.
  • We make decisions by consensus. Everyone has a voice.
  • We make pragmatic choices to avoid late-night emergencies.

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