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During his software engineering studies at Czech Technical University in Prague, Vlada’s love of things simple, straightforward and elegant attracted him to UNIX and led him towards a career as a full-time system administrator. Upon discovering Python, however, he found a creative outlet for his technical skills and began shifting …

Vláďa is no longer active with Lincoln Loop.

Quick Django Class Based View Decorator

The recommended way to add decorators such as login_required to class based views in Django is a bit verbose. Here’s a little metaclass-producing function you may find handy: def DecoratedDispatchMethod(actual_decorator): """ If …
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Detecting File Moves & Renames with Rsync

Without patching, the rsync utility lacks support to detect when a file was renamed/moved across multiple directories inside the synced tree. There is a ––fuzzy option to save bandwidth by building upon …
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