Kasey Kelly, Lead CSS & Design Systems at Lincoln Loop

Kasey Kelly

Lead CSS & Design Systems

Kasey joined Lincoln Loop in 2016, and has since built or refactored CSS architecture for some of our most ambitious projects. With a work history and education in traditional Graphic Design, he's most at-home building flexible design systems that breathe personality into marketing/CMS projects and software products alike.

He has worked with Django since 2007, when he started a small web agency in Ohio with his brother. He's been writing CSS long enough to remember getting excited about rounded corners in Firefox 2.0 and wrestling Internet Explorer 6 to submission.

Kasey gets some of his favorite new music from NPR, and is a little self-conscious of the demographic that puts him in. When Kasey isn't working from his back deck or a coffee shop in Ohio, you can find him cooking for friends, drawing with his two girls, Scuba diving, or playing his guitar.

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