Brian Luft, Senior Developer at Lincoln Loop

Brian Luft

Senior Developer

A Full-Stack developer by virtue of 15 years working with various types of companies and technologies; which is another way of saying he has no special skills. With a little sister unwilling to play D&D, he ended up reading a lot of mystery novels as a kid, which qualifies him as an amateur sleuth. To paraphrase the bard once known as Vanilla Ice, if you’ve got a (technical) problem, well, he’ll solve it.

These days he splits time debugging cloud systems and the behavior of two adorable boys who are under the impression that he knows what he’s talking about. If you’d like to learn about non-deterministic systems, race conditions, Promises, and out of memory errors, he advises spending time with small children.

He likes to strive for simplicity. He believes many software design problems can be solved by talking to people. He takes pride in a job well done. He prefers to fly below the radar. He believes that if technology is meant to serve everyone, then everyone should have a voice in how it’s created.

Raised in the not-so-cold mountains of Southern California, he can ski slush and icy faces with the best of ‘em. He enjoys pedaling bicycles up hills, and then riding back down. Most of the time that goes pretty well. He listens (legally) to a lot of different music via whatever streaming service isn’t currently being crushed by The Central Scrutinizer. He’s recently been learning guitar and ukulele, with the hopes of someday being that guy playing in the corner at happy hour that you try hard not to make eye contact with. He rarely misses an opportunity to reference The Big Lebowski or various Chevy Chase movies (the good ones of course).

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