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Introduction to Gondola

Gondola is our content management system built on top of Django. I briefly showed it off during my DjangoCon Lightning Talk, but have been wanting to give it a proper screencast for a while. Here’s an introduction:

A few common questions I don’t tackle in the screencast:

  • Is this an open source project?
    As of right now, no. I do plan on spinning off a few bits as open source over time. In fact, the WYSIWYG editor is already on Google Code as django-admin-uploads. Unfortunately it hasn’t been synced up with our in-house code in a while and isn’t working on 1.0. We’ll get that updated at some point in the near future.
  • How much will it cost?
    I haven’t settled on a pricing structure yet, but I want it to be affordable for small businesses.
  • What version of Django are you running?
  • How’d you add all that stuff to the Django admin interface?
    It is really quite easy by just overriding a few of the default templates. I hope to write a blog post soon with more details.
  • When can I get my hands on it?
    Soon. If you have a site you’re interested in putting on it right now, drop us a line. We’d like to start with a small group of sites to work out kinks in opening up the system to outsiders. If you just want to kick the tires, we’re also working on opening up a demo system to the public.

Have any more questions? At this point, we’re really looking for some feedback and would love to hear from you. If you want to stay up to date with Gondola happenings, join our mailing list.

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