Today, we are launching a new offering at Lincoln Loop, development services paid by the sprint. Previously, our typical engagements involved a (sometimes lengthy) discovery, estimation, and bidding process. Lately, however, people have been asking us to jump in with both feet and help them get started immediately. For those people, we think paying for services on a sprint-by-sprint basis will be a great option.

At the beginning of every sprint, you’ll provide us with a prioritized list of user stories, features, or tasks that are to be completed. Our team then dives into the project for a 2 week long focused burst of work. Our goal is to complete as much of that list as possible in the time allotted for the sprint. For development work, that means fully-tested features ready for production. During the sprint, we can provide not only our expertise in Python and Django, but also front-end development, system administration, and UX/design services.

We understand that contracting with Lincoln Loop on a sprint-by-sprint basis won’t work for everyone, so we still offer our more “traditional” discover, estimate, bid, build cycle. For those who need a quick boost to their project, however, and want to forgo some of the formalities typically associated with hiring a development firm, buying a sprint will be a great alternative.

Oh, and for a limited time, we’ll knock 30% off the price of our sprints for new clients, so be sure to jump on the deal now! To learn more about our sprints service or get started, visit