Julia Kozlov, Project Manager at Lincoln Loop

Julia Kozlov

Project Manager


Julia is the development team lead at Lincoln Loop who got involved in the tech industry at a very young age - 18 to be exact and has been passionate about tech for over 12 years while always working remotely. She originally started her career as a freelance web designer. Upon finishing university, in her last year she formed her very own agency and ran that full time for 6 years. Since then she's branched out and continues to pursue her own tech start-up initiatives while working full time as a remote project manager with development teams in US and Canada. Her previous experience with a large variety of technical platforms and builds as well as hiring, sales and running her own team allow her to truly enjoy the work she loves to do best - to support development teams in the successful build of great software products.

Outside of work, Julia continues to be involved in martial arts training (after a 12 year run), driving and working on Japanese race cars (and occasionally off road trucks) with her partner Alex, looking at design books for modern living and experimenting with plant based cuisine that supports optimum performance in sports.