Julia Kozlov, Project Manager at Lincoln Loop

Julia Kozlov

Project Manager

Julia is the Senior Project Manager at Lincoln Loop where she oversees the planning, process, and execution of both web and app-based projects with global clients. Her background as a PM was not direct. Julia spent the initial years of her career as a theme designer and developer primarily with Wordpress which then led her to open and run her own fully remote agency for 6 years. Eventually, she got tired of sales and it only seemed natural to segway into project management as it touches business, operations, client relationships, and more.

Julia's passion at the end of the day is tech. She went into digital because she gets excited about the latest design trends and innovative products and entrepreneurship, and being able to partake in building them is the cherry on top.

For Julia, working at Lincoln Loop is unlike any other team as they take a lot of pride and careful attention to be senior-level professionals in the technology field as well as be solution oriented with everything that they do. They also put a lot of emphasis on embracing remote culture so they can deliver the best possible standard of work. Working with us means working with a technical partner that also understands design, strategy and marketing. We also really enjoy being friends with our clients and are proud to be working with most of them as long-term partners.

Outside of work, Julia is currently looking forward to embracing family life as a young mom and she also runs a growing Project Management PM Slack Community and Job Board called Junior Lab. Prior to COVID, she was training full-time in multiple styles of martial arts which she hopes to return to, as well as taking on freelance clients as an amateur photographer, among other things that would energize her to look forward to every day at work! Julia is also a huge car buff with the hopes of eventually acquiring a garage.