Energy Solutions

Inheriting a complex cloud migration from an understaffed operations department

Energy Solutions reached out to Lincoln Loop after losing a key employee during a high priority cloud migration to AWS. They were looking to replace years of poorly documented hand-built systems with a unified system defined in code that would not only document the system, but also provide a change management solution going forward.

The project was on an extremely tight timeline and required migrating over a dozen applications, databases, and hundreds of gigabytes of files. Production systems needed to be migrated with minimal downtime and their internal development team depended on many non-production systems being available throughout the process to perform their work as well.

Lincoln Loop took over ownership of the project, managing it from start-to-finish. We worked directly with Energy Solutions to inventory the applications and plan their migrations to the cloud. In some cases, we had to reverse engineer systems whose maintainers had long since left the company. We used Terraform and SaltStack to build templates for the production services that could easily be duplicated and modified to fit the different configurations.

At a Glance

  • 20+ total applications
  • 100+ environments
  • 25+ developers supported
  • 15 million requests per month

Since the migration, Lincoln Loop has remained a partner of Energy Solutions. Our responsibilities include managing their solutions on AWS, monitoring costs, providing architecture guidance for new projects, and supporting their internal development team. As a growing business, their usage of AWS has expanded greatly since the initial migration. It now includes ETL pipelines, data science sandbox environments, and secure file transfer capabilities for their clients. Our partnership means they don't need a dedicated employee in-house, significantly reducing their overall costs.

Since the initial migration, Lincoln Loop has continued to support and drive their path along the cloud maturity model. We managed a migration from individual EC2 instances serving applications to an automated container-based deployment pipeline. By creating infrastructure that will auto-deploy, self-heal and auto-scale, we've been able to improve the overall the uptime of their applications.

As a SOC-2 compliant organization. Energy Solutions is subject to strict security scrutiny via regular external audits. Lincoln Loop has supported them through multiple successful audits over the years. By leveraging AWS-native tools, we've been able to meet their strong security requirements as well as quickly providing all the evidence necessary to complete the process.

Working with Lincoln Loop

  • Work with a team of senior full-stack developers and designers.
  • Benefit from our deep knowledge designing, building, and scaling large-scale web platforms.
  • Join NASA, Mozilla, Home Depot, and dozens of other national brands that trust Lincoln Loop.

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