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The Washington Times approached us to migrate their legacy server infrastructure from a colocation facililty to Amazon Web Services (AWS). As part of the migration, we were tasked with improving the robustness and stability of their infrastructure, identify and resolve problems, and make it easy for them to scale out to meet their growing visitor traffic.

We architected a fault-tolerant solution allowing the site to withstand the outage of an AWS availability zone and to quickly migrate cross-region in the event of a full regional outage. By leveraging AWS services such as Elastic Load Balancers (ELB), Relational Database Service (RDS), and Simple Storage Service (S3) we were able to significantly reduce the in-house maintenance burden on their staff.

The migration to S3 replaced a single point of failure that was capable of taking down the site. It involved rewriting portions of their Django application and replacing their in-house image thumbnailing solution with a more robust open source solution. This was accomplished without any major performance degradation and actually improved the workflow for their editing staff.

Automated infrastructure and configuration management strengthened their deployment and disaster recovery processes. These tools also serve to fully document their running infrastructure. Previously, the machines were configured by hand without thorough documentation making upgrades or replacements risky and challenging.

The migration to AWS was extremely successful. By partnering with Lincoln Loop, The Washington Times was able to:

  • cut infrastructure costs in half
  • reduce time spent in-house on maintenance
  • improve their site's uptime
  • withstand small-scale datacenter/AZ outages
  • implement a disaster recovery plan for large-scale outages
  • streamline and document their infrastructure and server configurations

Lincoln Loop was able to cut our monthly spend by 50%. At the same time they increased our uptime and architected a fully redundant system. All this was done on a tight timeline and budget most other developers would have walked away from. Lincoln Loop's expertise in Django based apps, Devops, Cloud, and their ability to integrate with our team made the project successful and making them our go to partner for future projects.

Jorge Carrasquillo IT Director The Washington Times
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