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Evite Premium

Evite Premium allows users to create event invitations using an easy to follow process, complete with colorful card designs customized with specialty fonts.


Evite teamed up with Lincoln Loop to provide the development portion of a cross-functional team tasked with bootstrapping their premium invitation offering. The team worked in an iterative fashion, polishing and refining the product over multiple release cycles. By seeking early feedback, we were able to improve functionality and usability, resulting in a successful public release.

Challenges on the project included crafting a unique but intuitive WYSIWYG editor for invitations. Content editors created design options using a highly customized admin interface that allowed for a wealth of customization for each correspondence. Custom font loading and cross-browser functionality was tested using Selenium. The application integrated with multiple existing services within Evite's infrastructure as well as a third party payment provider. The backend was initially built to run within the Evite infrastructure. It was later adapted to run on Google App Engine, utilizing their Cloud SQL service as well as their NDB datastore.

Primary Activities:

  • Django development
  • Rich JavaScript Client development
  • API integration
  • User Experience Design
  • Google App Engine
  • Payments integration

I'm really proud of the work we did - we built a fully operational business unit, that is generating revenue, that customers like.

Michael Jung Director, Product Evite
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