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We’ve helped dozens of teams design, build, and launch high performance web applications.

DjangoCon US 2015

DjangoCon US is the largest gathering of Django developers in the world. The website is the primary method for the conference to attract attendees, sponsors, and diseminate information.

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A screenshot of the homepage for 2015.djangocon.us

Evite Premium

Evite Premium allows users to create event invitations using an easy to follow process, complete with colorful card designs customized with specialty fonts.

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A screenshot of a e-card creation screen in Evite.com


BotBot.me is our high traffic, real-time IRC logger built on Python, JavaScript, and Golang. BotBot has logged millions of messages without breaking a sweat!

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A picture depicting the BotBot.me logger view for #lincolnloop


GamesRadar approached us to modernize the back-end of their site, giving them a robust platform allowing to ship new features confidently and quickly.

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A picture depicting the GamesRadar homepage

Some of our other clients

Lincoln Loop did a phenomenal job migrating GamesRadar from an expensive enterprise CMS decoupled from our Java site to a fully integrated Django site running entirely in the Rackspace Cloud helping us reduce costs by thousands of dollars monthly. [...] The team worked from systems through the front end to ensure the site performed to handle millions of monthly visitors.

Michael Marano Director Internet Technology Future US
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