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The Victoria Site

I just wrapped up development on a website for The Victoria, a high-end mixed use development in downtown Steamboat.

Derek at ashwebmedia is the designer behind the site. It is the first work we’ve done together and he really nailed the elegant look we were going for. He was great to work with and I hope to be doing more work with him in the future.

I built the site using WordPress for the backend CMS. The frontend is all standards-based semantic XHTML/CSS with a little unobtrusive JavaScript flair thrown in courtesy of jQuery.

With IE6 on its way out the door, I felt comfortable using tranparent PNGs extensively across the site. It let me to separate the background image on each page from the logo, which not only made logical sense, but has some added benefits as well. The browser can cache the logo across the entire site. With the logo cached, the site looks better as the rest of the page loads around it. The site’s look with CSS turned off is also improved by taking this route. To support those still wallowing on IE6, I used this javascript replacement technique to provide transparent PNG support.

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