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Our venerable IRC logger, logged its first lines in the summer of 2012 . Since then, it has logged over 100 million lines for more than 400 IRC channels, primarily on the Freenode and Mozilla networks. Despite the rise of Slack, it still is used by hundreds of users every day.

The site was a fun internal project for Lincoln Loop, but it has been on autopilot for years now. The last significant development on the project was back in 2015. Times are different now and GDPR makes it difficult to continue running the site as we have been. We’ve always allowed users to opt-out of logging, but ability to use IRC anonymously makes verification tricky. In short, running the site now presents some legal liability we would rather not take on.

We’ll be shutting down on November 5, 2018. For users of the service today, the code is all open source (read the docs) and you are welcome to host your own instance of the site. If you are a channel operator and would like to download a copy of the logs for your channel, please send a PM to ipmb on Freenode for more details.

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