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Lincoln Loop Retreat 2013

Over the last couple months we’ve been busy tying up loose ends and preparing for our first “official” company-wide retreat. Even though we’re a fully distributed team, we’re big believers in the power of meet-ups and face-time. They form bonds, build trust, and create a level of personal understanding that can’t be replicated online.

Our last full company meet-up was over a year and a half ago at DjangoCon US. We celebrated by hosting a party at Portland’s favorite retro-arcade, Ground Kontrol). It was an awesome experience and for some of our team, it was their first time seeing each other in person. As great as it was, we all felt like the conference schedule got in the way of our limited time together.

The Place

We decided our next meet-up would be a full-fledged retreat and for the last year, we’ve been kicking around ideas for the location (not easy with people in 8 different countries). After much deliberation, we landed on this amazing Aegean Island villa.

Lincoln Loop is covering all the expenses, of course, and while this may seem like largess to some, as a remote team, we consider it a cost of doing business. Put into perspective, the price tag for the entire trip will be far less than what most companies our size pay in rent for their central office.

The Details

We’ll be closing up shop from May 16-26 to take some time off of consulting and focus on our team and our company.

One more thing (we’re hiring)

We’ve been preparing a long list of topics to discuss and one in particular is growth. We’ve been reluctant to grow our team in the past, but it’s something we’re seriously considering now.

If you’re interested in working remotely, setting your own hours and salary, using Django and Python to hack on some interesting stuff… oh, and amazing company retreats :) get in touch.

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