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The Joy of Upstart

Upstart is a ridiculously easy way to turn your scripts into daemons. Take this python script:


exec python /home/myuser/
And that&#8217;s it! <ul> <li>sudo start ez_daemon</li> <li>sudo tail -f /var/log/upstart/ez_daemon.log</li> <li>sudo stop ez_daemon</li> </ul> You can do this for any program, and it&#8217;s how Ubuntu and Fedora start most daemons. Here&#8217;s a more complete example:
author "Graham King <>"
description "uwsgi server for"

start on (static-network-up and started mysql)
stop on shutdown

console log
respawn limit 10 5

setuid www-data
setgid www-data

env PYTHONPATH=/srv/example/src/example/

exec /srv/example/bin/uwsgi \
--virtualenv=/srv/example/ \
--module=example.django_wsgi \
Each line is called a stanza, and they are documented in the Upstart cookbook. It’s clear, it’s easy, and it works. And that makes me happy.
Graham King

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