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Goodbye WordPress, I'm Leaving You

WordPress, you seemed perfect at first. You saved me lots of development time, seemed to have a plugin for everything I needed, and a user interface that was easy for anybody to use.

The honeymoon has worn off though. It seems more and more that while you come close, you and your plugins rarely meet my needs. I’ve wasted countless hours fighting to make you do things you just weren’t built to do.

And then there were the upgrades, oh the upgrades. It seemed like every other week I needed to install a new upgrade to make sure you were safe. With every upgrade, I had to make sure the countless plugins you required were all compatible. It all just feels like wasted time now.

I’ve been seeing someone else for a few months now and while it seemed like a harmless fling at first, it has become a solid partnership that gets better every day. Django is a huge timesaver for me and truly a joy to work with. Sure it takes a little more effort to get going out of the box, but that doesn’t bother me. The time it saves me in the long run easily covers it. Django has a pretty extensive plugin selection too that lets me do everything I want, exactly the way I want.

So this is it WordPress and your PHP brethren. I may occasionally fallback on you for some smaller projects (I know you’ll still be there), but moving forward, Django will be my web developing framework of choice.

Oh, and WordPress, I need to tell you that I may not be the only one leaving. On my way out, I’m leaving the rest of your users an easy exit strategy, django-wordpress-admin.

Peter Baumgartner

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