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Django for Hire

Lincoln Loop has been in “head down” mode for the last couple months. In addition to being knee deep in client projects, we have grown from a one-man development studio to a full-fledged Django development shop/consultancy. We are proud to announce that Lincoln Loop is the first (that we know of) company focusing solely on Django application development. Our development team is currently five strong and oozing with talent. Each member contributes to the community in blog posts or open source add-ons; a few of us have contributed code to Django itself. More on our dev team in the near future.

We went through the typical growing pains during the transition, but the kinks are worked out and we can officially say that we are open for business. Django projects big and small, send them our way. Our devs can handle nearly anything.

  • New Django projects based on your specs
  • Existing projects when your developer doesn’t have the time, doesn’t have the expertise or just skipped out on you
  • Scaling up your existing development team for large feature pushes
  • Ellington customization

You name it, if it is Django related, we can probably help. Don’t be shy, drop us a line.

Peter Baumgartner

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Peter Baumgartner

Peter is the founder of Lincoln Loop, having built it up from a small freelance operation in 2007 to what it is today. He is constantly learning and is well-versed in many technical disciplines including devops, …