With the launch of our book, High Performance Django, we’ve received a number of inquiries from people asking for advice, for which the answers are too specific to their application to give good general advice, and too short to sign a consulting engagement.

Rather than decline to help, we now offer Expert Sessions - a one-hour online consultation with a member (or members) of the Lincoln Loop team.

Schedule an Expert Session and we'll meet up with you via Google Hangouts, Skype, or phone to answer any questions or provide expertise on building and scaling your complex Django application.

In the past, we've answered such questions as:

  • What technologies should we use for building a complex, high-performance application?

  • Our app is super complex and it takes us 3 days to onboard a new developer. How can we simplify things to speed up onboarding?

  • Should we move our infrastructure to Amazon Web Services or Heroku? What are the benefits and how do we perform the correct analysis?

  • How can we make our deploys more reliable?

  • How do we move from our legacy system to Django in order to improve reliability and cut costs?

  • Should we use MongoDB or Redis?

  • How do we properly load balance across our app servers?

  • How can we optimize our development workflow?

We can also provide expertise in other technologies, such as SaltStack, Go (golang), Javascript (React.js and Backbone), MySQL, and Postgres.

To schedule an Expert Session, or for more information, please see our Expert Sessions page.