Big enterprise, small start-ups, non-profit organizations and just about everything in-between, we've worked with some great clients on some great projects.


May 2012

Ginger is a real-time threaded discussion tool we developed to solve common collaboration problems between teammates. Ginger’s simple interface reduces noise, allowing teams to focus on decision making.

Ginger uses variety of different tools, including Redis, Node.js,, Django, Backbone.js, Compass, and many more. Ginger’s real-time nature required our team to solve numerous engineering and user experience problems.

  • Product development
  • User experience & branding
  • Responsive design
  • Robust search
  • JavaScript development
  • Django development
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Evite Postmark

May 2012

Evite Postmark allows users to create event invitations using an easy to follow process, complete with colorful card designs customized with specialty fonts.

Evite Postmark’s rich interface and broad audience required extensive front-end development. Our team used Backbone.js and current CSS3 best practices to reduce complexity. We also heavily customized the Django admin, allowing the Postmark team to build thousands of card combinations quickly and easily.

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • JavaScript (Backbone & jQuery)
  • Interaction design
  • API integration
  • Selenium testing
  • Django admin customization


November 2011

GamesRadar is a massive gaming news site and community. They approached us to replace their aging platform built around pieces of commercial software with an open-source Django stack that would be more customizable and cost effective to maintain.

We built the site from the ground-up with a focus on scalability and performance, handling the thundering herd problem inherent with high-traffic announcements. In addition, we managed migrating a massive amount of legacy data and media and tackling problems such as geo-targetting content and administrator/editor user experience improvements.

  • Django development
  • Front-end development
  • Data migration
  • Deployment
  • Load testing
  • Performance tuning

PC Gamer Digital

September 2011

PC Gamer Digital is a Steam-delivered interactive social desktop application, with hands-on experiences, first-person strategy guides, and tons of HD video. Users can chat about and comment on all the content in real-time.

We developed a web-based API and back-end store in close partnership with the publisher, who developed the client PC application. The API provides social features not typically available inside a Steam application. A test-driven approach with very high coverage ensured the API matched the PC client’s needs.

  • Steam Integration
  • REST API development
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Redbeacon Widget Program

September 2010

Redbeacon, Best in Show at TechCrunch50 in 2009, gives people an easy way to compare and hire local service providers online. We worked with them to build their widget program, which allows website owners to generate affiliate revenue by referring visitors to Redbeacon.

The widget is a customizable interactive form wizard that can be embedded on any website with a single line of JavaScript. We used advanced HTML5 features (providing graceful degradation for legacy browsers) to make the widget resize on the fly as a user interacts with it. Due to the space constraints, the layout had to be near pixel-perfect across all the popular browsers. We utilized Selenium tests to save time and verify that at any given phase, the layout stayed intact.

  • Django development
  • Front-end development
  • Selenium testing
  • Facebook Connect API integration
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June 2010

TakeMySpot is an iPhone application aiming to be the last parking related app you’ll need. It combines parking regulations, crowd-sourced spot availability, and meter timeout notifications.

We worked with the TakeMySpot founders to take their project from concept to reality. In addition to our development role, we created the user experience and design of the application. One of the biggest challenges on this project was taking New York City’s sloppy parking regulation spreadsheet and parsing it into a clean geographical database.

  • Django and GIS development
  • iPhone application development
  • NYC parking data parsing
  • User Experience
  • Deployment
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June 2010

Nasuni’s product is a cloud-based virtual NAS allowing companies to save drastically on their file storage and backup infrastructure versus more traditional solutions.

While Nasuni was focusing on the development of their core production, they approached us to build their public marketing site and online buy wizard. The marketing site was built with flexibility in mind, allowing content producers to work within the site’s style guide (we created that too) with no knowledge of HTML or CSS. For the buy wizard, our goal was to make the purchasing process as painless and user-friendly as possible.

  • Django development
  • Front-end development
  • User experience
  • Payment processor integration
  • Internal API integration

PBS Digital Learning Library

February 2010

Digital Learning Library is a way for local PBS stations to share digital content amongst each other. After starting life as a customized version of Alfresco (an open source Java CMS), it’s complex and confusing interface needed an overhaul to be functional for the end-user.

We were tasked with creating a more user-friendly layout and then implementing it as a front-end to the existing CMS using it’s web service APIs. jQuery was used extensively for AJAX calls to make the application more “desktop-like” as well as allow for quick page loading by having slower elements load after the page has been rendered.

  • User experience
  • Django development
  • Alfresco API Integration
  • Front-end development
  • AJAX framework built on top of jQuery

PBS TeacherLine Capstone Program

August 2009

PBS Teacherline’s Capstone Program is an online service used to train and certify teachers against various standard sets. The certification process involved very complex workflows each with its own minor variations. We built an extensive test suite around the workflows to verify proper functionality.

  • Django development
  • Front-end integration based on existing framework

News21 Newsroom

June 2009

News21 is a Knight Foundation funded initiative to innovate and experiment with new ways to deliver in-depth and investigative reporting online.

They had done considerable development by the time they approached us, but were looking for some more firepower and a fresh perspective on the problem. We worked with them through several iterations, converting their ideas into functional code and consulting with them on the best way to handle complex site interactions. During our time on the project, it evolved into a social site built on top of Django and the Pinax platform utilizing the geospatial features of GeoDjango. The code is open-source and available on Google Code as django-newsroom.

  • Django development
  • jQuery development
  • Best practice consulting
  • Site admin user experience

Green Effect

April 2009

Green Effect was a contest sponsored by Sun Chips® and National Geographic to find the most compelling ideas for green environmental change. Five winners were selected and each given $20,000 to implement their idea.

We were in charge of building the site based on their wireframes and design mockups. From authentication to video encoding, several existing platforms and APIs were leveraged for core site functionality. Due to the high traffic received during the voting process, we tuned the code so that most pages could be rendered either directly from the cache or with only one query to the database.

  • Django development
  • Front-end development
  • Deployment support
  • Scaling/Optimization

National Geographic Events

November 2008

Events showcases the wide range of public programs, including exhibits, speaker series, films, concerts and special events put on by National Geographic.

For many of the content producers on the site, this was their first experience with Django, or even working with a live database-backed web administration tool. We worked with them to reshape their ideas about how they would manage content on the site and create database models to suit their needs. The end result is a very flexible content management system that seamlessly displays local content in a number of different formats as well as linking out to external pre-existing content when needed.

  • Django development
  • Integration of static HTML/CSS
  • Deployment support