We’re a full service web studio offering user experience and development based on the Django Web Framework. We believe in delivering quality solutions via a lean and transparent process.

Meet the Team

Our Approach

Agile Development

Everyone seems to have a different idea of what agile means. To us, it is all about short focused development sprints (usually 2 weeks) that produce completed features. And completed doesn’t mean “90% done,” it means, fully-tested, documented chunks of functionality that can be demonstrated at the end of the sprint.

Agile also means flexible. We have our methodologies, but they aren’t set in stone. We understand what works for one project might not work for another. We embrace change and adapt our process to best fit our clients and the task at hand.

A few things agile does not mean to us: un-planned, un-tested, un-managed, or just plain sloppy.

Open Communications

At regular intervals, usually every other week, we have web and phone conference to discuss and demonstrate project progress. We include our entire development team in this process. Open communications help everyone involved ensure the project is on track and steer future development in the right direction.

In-between demo dates, we use Ginger to keep track of communication and quickly respond to our clients’ needs.


Our clients have access to everything from day one. Every line of code, our internal issue tracker, our development server, our time-logs, etc.

The goal of all this transparency is to never leave our clients wondering what’s going on with their project. The doors are open and day-to-day, our clients can see it all.

Happy Code

We are true believers in Python and take The Zen of Python to heart. We strive to deliver adequately documented, tested, and readable code.

By following PEP 8 and established best practices, the code we write is clean and maintainable.

We're using PGP. Import all our PGP keys with this single line: gpg --recv-keys BAA2E597 B3B929D2 86BFE7F3 F438D199 F7EC0ADC 700D3AF0 B85F0324 54EC8719 374FDC00 EA3A09E3 E99D6BDB