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A Closer Look at Docker

Part of my job at Lincoln Loop is to explore new technologies and make sure that, as a company, we stay current. I've been playing around with Docker for a while, but recently decided to redeploy some of our production …
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The Joy of Upstart

Upstart is a ridiculously easy way to turn your scripts into daemons. Take this python script: /home/myuser/ import time while 1: print("I'm a daemon!") time.sleep(1) We&#8217;re going to turn it into a daemon with <strong>a single line</strong>: /etc/init/ez_daemon.conf: exec python …
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Detecting File Moves & Renames with Rsync

Without patching, the rsync utility lacks support to detect when a file was renamed/moved across multiple directories inside the synced tree. There is a &ndash;&ndash;fuzzy option to save bandwidth by building upon similar files on the target side, but only …