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Lincoln Loop is looking for a remote Django developer to join our team.

  • Remote
  • Full-time, Flexible
  • Competitive Pay
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Projects we work on range from large-scale publishing, to educational gaming, to sites promoting social causes such as energy-use savings, ending nuclear proliferation, or reproductive health.

We're a small team of 13 with most of the "Loopers" working here for over 10 years. We value sustainability for our company and team over growth and profits. Our workplace has been fully distributed since day one (back in 2007) with a team spread across six different countries. We are committed to building a diverse team and are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We look forward to working with people who bring new perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences to our team.

You can learn more about us at:

A Typical Day at Lincoln Loop

You'll be working on a client project. You may be the only person on that project or part of a larger team. When you start your day, you'll check in to an asynchronous stand-up (in Slack) to share your plans for the day and anything that may be blocking you.

After checking in, you may chat with the team to share something interesting you discovered, talk through technical problems, or joke about a funny meme somebody posted.

When it comes down to work, you should have a good idea of the tasks at hand. These are determined by the needs of that specific project and prioritized via regular communication with the client. Usually they are written up as GitHub Issues, but may live in the client's issue tracker instead.

Depending on the project, your work could vary from:

  • Building out new features on an existing project
  • Greenfield development on a new project
  • Fixing bugs
  • Upgrading dependencies
  • Performance optimization
  • Pair programming (remotely) a difficult issue with a teammate
  • Working with project leads to estimate and scope work

Python and Django are the primary languages you'll be working with, but depending on your capabilities, you may also touch HTML/CSS, JavaScript (React or Vue), or infrastructure on AWS managed in Terraform.

Some days, you'll be meeting with clients to demo your work or discuss future tasks. You may be communicating directly with the clients via Slack to answer questions or respond to pressing issues.

As you wrap-up your day, you may write-up a status update to post to the client or the next developer who will work on the project.


  • You are a Manager of One and don't require reminders or coaching to get the job done.
  • You are kind, honest, and empathetic.
  • You have multiple years of experience working with Python and Django and are well versed in solving real-world problems with those tools.
  • Your working hours have at least a 4 hour overlap with business hours in the< US Eastern time zone (where most of our clients are).
  • You have very strong verbal and written communication skills (in English).
  • You are able to work effectively and efficiently within a budget.

Nice to Haves

  • You have previously worked in an agency or as a freelancer.
  • You have a secondary skill set (JavaScript, DevOps, HTML/CSS, etc). Full-stack is a huge plus.
  • You are active in the open-source community.


We offer competitive compensation, fully remote work, and reasonable working hours. Employees have access to flexible/unlimited vacation/PTO, a health care plan, and profit sharing.

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Feel like you'd be a good fit? Want more info? Reach out to us at Be sure to tell us a little about yourself and your technical background.