Amanda Stott, DevOps at Lincoln Loop

Amanda Stott


Amanda has a background in DevOps, software development, and data science. She has worked in freelance, consulting, video streaming, insurance and finance, with a focus on building deployment pipelines with automation and backend security for granular level access to systems and components. Her background is in computational sciences, and she earned her PhD in 2012 from The University of Alabama.

During her studies, she and a colleague built a computational chemistry classification tool for their research group in Django in 2006, which she helped maintain and update until she left the group in 2012. Amanda also worked as a NASA GSRP fellow from 2008 - 2012, where she contributed to the MARS Rover project at Glenn Research Center. After graduate school, she launched two successful e-commerce brands and used that knowledge to begin her freelancing and consulting venture to build websites and marketing plans for small businesses.

She has been an active participant in the open source community, attending meetups and working on hobbyist projects in her spare time. She is also an instructor for “Infrastructure as Code on AWS: Mastering Cloud Formation Concepts” for EC Council Code Red, where she guides students through AWS fundamentals and DevOps principles to strengthen their cloud developer skill set. When she is not working, Amanda enjoys hiking with her dog, spending time with her two children, traveling, and analog photography.