Our team has soaked up a lot of knowledge over the years. When we get the chance, we like to stand-up and share what we've learned.

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CSS Preprocessors

Michael Trythall

Preprocessors like Sass and LESS bring basic programming functionality to CSS allowing for resilient, configurable front-ends. Learn more about these tools, how to use them, how to integrate them into your project correctly, and how to extend them by opening their hoods.

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Stop Tilting at Windmills - Spotting Bottlenecks

Brandon Konkle & Yann Malet

Learn the questions to ask and the tools to use to spot performance problems in your application. This presentation doesn't tell you how to scale your site, but it will show you how to locate the bottlenecks as they pop up.


A Little South Sanity

Brian Luft

South is a useful tool in agile development environments, but learning to use it effectively can take some practice. This demo-driven talk walks through some common workflow examples, disects a couple pitfalls, and calls out the relative strengths and weaknesses of South as a tool at each step. Finding South's sweet spot for your environment will give you the best results.



Brian Luft

Hierarchical data sprouts up almost everywhere, but not all trees look alike. Learn to how tell them apart and love them all in Django.


Data Herding: How to Shepherd Your Flock Through Valleys of Darkness

Brian Luft

Learn how to use common tools like the management shell, django-extensions, and iPython to craft an effective workflow whether you're building a new schema or migrating from old systems. This talk also looks at how to take advantage of the latest ORM features.


Breaking down the process of building a custom CMS

Brian Luft & Yann Malet

This talk shares some important insights gained over a couple years of working on custom CMS-type projects serving large organizations. The focus of the talk is on outlining a basic strategy for managing large projects.


Monitoring Code Quality in Your Django Project

Peter Baumgartner

Using tools such as Pylint, Nose, and Coverage.py with the Hudson continuous integration server to monitor your code quality.


Customizing the Django Admin

Michael Trythall & Peter Baumgartner

The Django admin interface is a great tool for rapidly viewing and generating content, but its default one size fits all approach may not be the best for the users of it. The first half of this talk focuses on user experience and what users have come to expect from an admin tool. In the second half, we show you how to bend Django's admin to meet those expectations.


Python Metaprogramming

Nicolas Lara

Python makes a great metaprogramming language. Metaprogramming is great for solving problems faster, in a more generic way and providing rich APIs. This talk explores the different metaprogramming options provided in Python and the proper way to use them.