We love to tinker. Here are a few things we recently created for fun, profit, and everything in between. Want more? Visit us on GitHub.


Trailmapping was an experiment at Lincoln Loop to see just how fast a site could be built using Django and reusable applications. The site was launched after only 40 hours of development. It was one of the first production sites built on Django’s website starter kit, Pinax (then known as django-hotclub).

Since the initial build, the site was ported to GeoDjango and a basic API was added to allow third-party software to upload directly to the site. Despite development on the project stagnating, the site is still active to this day.

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StartProject installs a script which allows the easy creation of a standard Django project layout based on Lincoln Loop standards

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Emailed Me

Emailed Me Emailed me is a small toy site we put together to get some experience working with Google App Engine and (at the time) the new Python micro web framework on the block, Flask. The goal is to help Gmail users find an important message they are waiting for without being distracted by the rest of the mail in their inbox. It uses oauth and Google’s Gmail API to search the from field of any new mail.

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Django Debug Logging is a “plugin” for the Django Debug Toolbar that allows users to log the debug toolbar statistics to the database during a site crawl. This allows users to create performance testing plans to exercise the site, and then review and aggregate the results afterwards to identify performance problems.

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Jsonit provides a simple and standardized way to share code between traditional HTTP requests and the XMLHttp­Requests used for AJAX. On AJAX requests, it handles common tasks such as serializing data (and django.contrib.messages) to JSON and choosing alternate templates for the response.

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TTag is a template tag constructor library for Django created for the purpose of making writing template tags easier.

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A raw_id_fields widget replacement that handles display of an object’s string value on change and can be overridden via a template.

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