Our bread and butter is building web services using the Django Web Framework, but we’re comfortable working on just about anything in this ecosystem.

Backend Development

Our back-end developers are the best in the business. While we love working with Django, there are times when it isn't the right tool for the job. We're well versed in a number of other frameworks and technologies and can help you pick the right one for the job.

  • Django
  • Flask
  • Google App Engine (GAE)
  • Python

Rich Interface Development

Just slicing and dicing designs no longer cuts it on today's web. With JavaScript and the latest in browser technologies, we can build web applications that are accessible across many devices and platforms.

  • JavaScript (jQuery, YUI, Backbone.js, Underscore.js)
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Optimization
  • Accessibility

Geospatial Systems

With the prevalence of mobile computing, building location-aware applications is becoming the norm. Luckily, Django has a world-class GIS framework baked in and we've been working with it since its inception.

  • GeoDjango
  • PostGIS
  • Google Maps
  • OpenStreetMap

Mobile Application Development

As market share of tablets and smart phones increases, pushing content to these devices is no longer an after thought. We have experience designing and building within the limited constraints of mobile hardware, both with native applications and mobile-specific web sites.

  • Native apps
  • Mobile web
  • Android and iOS
  • Mobile Testing

User Experience (UX)

Businesses can no longer afford to ignore user experience. Our team can craft the story you want to tell and design the application you need to stand out from your competitors. Have an existing product? We can do the research to determine how you can improve.

  • Design Strategy
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Branding
  • Usability Testing

Testing and Quality Assurance (QA)

QA is a vital part of application development and, unfortunately, the first thing that gets thrown out when people look to cut corners. Having solid tests lets you deploy with confidence instead of nervously watching to see what breaks.

  • Unit testing
  • Test coverage
  • Static code analysis
  • Browser testing (Selenium)
  • Continuous Integration

Systems Administration

A developer can become a cargo cult sysadmin overnight after reading a few tutorials online. That's not what you'll find here. We have years of experience building robust, fault-tolerant, and secure systems. Our time in the trenches helps us identify bottlenecks and common pitfalls the others will miss.

  • Server auditing/hardening
  • Deployment
  • Monitoring
  • Backup strategy
  • Server/Application Tuning (Nginx, Postgres/MySQL, Apache)